Knock Please!

Lately I have been noticing that people don’t knock anymore. I don’t know when it was okay to just try and “barge up” into a room, especially a bathroom, without knocking. I was raised to always knock before you enter any room that you think there would be a possibility of someone being in. Whenever … Continue reading

What’s on your bucket list?

Being young and having ambition is only a start to the wonderful things you can do with your life. Most young people these days go to college, earn a degree, get a job and settle down in a city. They don’t get to go explore, use the world as their playground! The other day I … Continue reading

Strong, What it really means.

Take a moment, stop and think, who do you consider strong? After a few moments, answer this. When you read that question, did you literally think, strong as in musclar, or strong as in someone who has been through everything but always wears a smile no matter what? When I read that question, I think, my … Continue reading

You’ll never have enough money.

Money, what is money, something you can hold, something you can use to buy materialistic things? Money is paper, paper that grows on trees, but its the most valued thing on our planet. Not humans, not oxygen, but money, a piece of paper. Sometimes I like to imagine world without money, what it would be … Continue reading

Greek life being potrayed negatively.

The other day, as I sat on Facebook, I came across a posting about a show called “Sorority Girls” that was being aired on TLC. Naturally as a Sorority Girl that I am, I clicked on the video link to see what it was about. As I watched the first couple minutes I immediately questioned to if … Continue reading

Three men who didn’t care.

The writing underneath explains it all. They don’t care what society has to think of them, when they were young getting there tattoos, and when they are old and still have them. They are old men who only care about how they feel and if they are still living. A true example of how society … Continue reading

Never be ungrateful

Lately my life has changed. From good to bad, from worse to hell. but one thing that has stood out the most to me is all the support I am receiving. My views have changed lately and the way I used to see things I don’t know how I see them anymore. Its hard to … Continue reading


I have realized I have gotten to comfortable, I have realized I have settled myself into a knook thinking nothing could ever harm me anymore, Thinking I was free from the pain the hurt and the guilt, then I woke up. I realized I was too comfortable. I liked being comfortable but I was being … Continue reading

What is worse?

Lately I have been hearing the phrase “someone has it worse than you”, but honestly, I believe everyone’s definition of worse is different. How do you know what that person is going through isn’t the worst thing they could imagine happen to them. Just because you don’t believe that it is a bad thing doesn’t … Continue reading

Alcohol: What’s your definition?

Alcohol: what’s your definition? I’ve never truly thought about alcohol and what it does until I encounter a drunk person. It makes me realize that alcohol is so pointless and meaningless. All it does is create vast unnecessary situations that make people mad in the end. Its a poison that’s just out of control. I … Continue reading