Knock Please!


Lately I have been noticing that people don’t knock anymore. I don’t know when it was okay to just try and “barge up” into a room, especially a bathroom, without knocking. I was raised to always knock before you enter any room that you think there would be a possibility of someone being in. Whenever I go to the bathroom at the restaurant I work at, its a one person bathroom, it never fails that someone tries to just walk up into the bathroom without knocking. It makes me just think, really? Do we not have common courtesy to at least knock before we try to enter? I always lock the door behind me just incase someone tries to walk in, and i’m starting to be glad I do. Just remember the next time you go to the bathroom and the door is closed, knock before you try to enter. You never know what could be behind that door and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to walk in on someone using the bathroom. Also if you happen to be going to the bathroom make sure you lock the door while your using the restroom because you never know if someone might try to come in. Sometimes people just don’t know common courtesy! Please knock!


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