Strong, What it really means.

Take a moment, stop and think, who do you consider strong? After a few moments, answer this. When you read that question, did you literally think, strong as in musclar, or strong as in someone who has been through everything but always wears a smile no matter what? When I read that question, I think, my mother. Shes goregous, intellegient, bright, and strong, Oh so strong. My mother has been through a lot of things in her lifetime and they have all lead her to being the strongest woman I know. She has taught me everything I need to know about being a lady, having respect, and learning my manners. She has been there for me and given me advice, even when I thought “she doesn’t even understand what i’m going through.”

“When a woman says she is okay it probably means there are a million things wrong in her life, but shes too strong to admit it” 

This reminds me of my mother becuase even when she is dealing with so much she still finds the positive in everything. Everyone around her may have lost  hope but she still  has it. Its incredible watching her not let things bother her or get to her. She has such a high spirit and it’s beautiful to be around. My mother will always be my hero. She is such a strong women and I hope, one day, I can grow up and become just like her; Beautiful, Intellegient, and Strong.


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