You’ll never have enough money.

Money, what is money, something you can hold, something you can use to buy materialistic things? Money is paper, paper that grows on trees, but its the most valued thing on our planet. Not humans, not oxygen, but money, a piece of paper. Sometimes I like to imagine world without money, what it would be like if everyone could get things for free, if you didn’t have to work yourself to death to get the things we envy in life. What would be the outcome of the world then?

Throughout my childhood, I watched my parents work to no end to be able to afford the things we did in life. I had a good childhood, average, we had money, christmas time we always had nice expensive presents and always got what we asked for. I don’t remember my parents talk about money, until I was in about highschool. Thats when they started discussing bills and money in front of my sister and I. It used to scare me so much, thinking maybe we are getting poor, we are going to loose everything we own. My parents always made ends meet no matter what tough situation we were in though. When I went to college, my parents were trying to find money to pay for it, I couldn’t get any help from the federal government because according to them my parents were “rich”. Which was a lie.

Looking back on my later highschool years and early college years, I realize my parents worked so hard to let my sister and I have the high life. Being a Junior in college, I work two jobs so I can afford the things I love to do and have. I pay my own phone bill, my own sorority bills and also a school loan. I buy my own gas, clothes, accessories, but its not becuase my parents won’t help me. It’s because ever since I was fifteen I had a job, and I loved paying for my own things.

My parents are always willing to help me pay my bills when need be or give me a little cash here and there to help out and I appreciate them for it. I guess what aggravates me the most is when I go to pay off a bill or when i’m talking to people that are around my age and they are like yeah my mom and dad pay for everything, or “don’t you have mommy and daddy pay for that”? I’m like uhm no, I work for a living. I’m a full time student and working two jobs and in a sorority, but I still have a life, I still have money to pay my bills. I know what it means to be a hardworking individual. I don’t rely on anyone to help me and I am always trying to pay things by myself. I wish everyone could be an individual and work for a living and pay for there own things, but I guess thats something they will realize when they get out of college and are in a grown-up world. I thank my parents every day that they taught me to be this way. They raised me to be a strong independent women with respect. Thats all that matters in the end because honestly, you will never have enough money to buy what you want and what you need, but you’ll always have you family and friends there for you.


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