Greek life being potrayed negatively.

The other day, as I sat on Facebook, I came across a posting about a show called “Sorority Girls” that was being aired on TLC. Naturally as a Sorority Girl that I am, I clicked on the video link to see what it was about. As I watched the first couple minutes I immediately questioned to if what I was watching was a complete joke. The show “sorority girls” is a show about five american women, who are in real sororities in america, go to the UK to try and start a sorority over there on a college campus. It is the most degrading, awful, horrible show that I have seen lately. This show is nothing about how sorority girls are, it’s the complete opposite, it’s about the stereotype. I am a sorority girl on Westerns Campus and watching this show from a sorority member standpoint, it makes me cringe. This untruthful show being aired on an international, huge network, TLC, is degrading what we as greek members have built up for a long time. This thirty minute show that is being viewed by millions, is taking away our efforts in positively promoting greek life, and what we do for our community. The fact that the next shows trailer, shows clips of them “hazing” their members, is ridiculous. Hazing is completely unacceptable in any greek organization around the nation. This show is completely faulty and my immediate first thought was “how do we get this taken off the air?” I searched on Facebook and google and found a petition that a sorority member had started to raise signatures for this show to be taken off immediately. Not only does this show have no truth to it, but it is also misguiding young members that would have a oppurtnity to go greek by showing them the “stereotypical” things people think we do, that really in fact, don’t happen. Going greek was one of the best options I have made while being in college. My organization has always been there for me in time of need, they have helped me grow within myself and the community around me, and has helped me get involved with things on campus. I automatically went to this petition website and signed it, I encourage you, whether your greek or not, to sign this petition to get this degrading show off the air.

“What blatant, offensive, naive, shameful, derogatory television. As an initiated member of a national sorority I will stand behind the fact that this video is a fraud. This video is bringing shame to all Greeks, national, local, scholastic or service. My sorority, as well as thousands of others follow the same laws against hazing. We keep our traditions, ceremonies and chapter ideals kept private, as we cherish what they mean to our sisters and our chapter. This video is not only repulsive in the sense that these childish women are willing to sell their sorority’s flawed secrets to national television, but also for the fact that they are mis-educating the world about the beauty of Greek life. Being apart of my sorority has changed my life for the better, and these ladies are tarnishing the respect, dignity and honor that comes with being a member of a Greek organization. This video should be replaced with the reality of what Greek life has to offer for students. Being Greek is a connection, its way of life and it is something to be proud of. I will continue to hold my head up high and show respect for something I care so deeply about. You have not only disrespected myself, my sorority, but the entire unified Greek front. Congratulations on representing a video of fables and lies.” — Samantha Kamps

Here is the link you can follow to sign your name and it also gives you more reasons on why everyone is signing :


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