I have realized I have gotten to comfortable, I have realized I have settled myself into a knook thinking nothing could ever harm me anymore, Thinking I was free from the pain the hurt and the guilt, then I woke up. I realized I was too comfortable. I liked being comfortable but I was being pushed and poked away from being comfortable and now I am uncomfortable. But its so hard to say by to something you have been comfortable with so long. Something that has supported you through so much, that has showed you so much that has loved you through so much. Then you realize they aren’t comfortable with you anymore. then you realize that there are underlying issues that were never solved when needed to be. Now you comfortableness wants you out and you are stuck. They want you but they don’t want you. They keep you on a string holding you on but straying away at the same time. Being comfortable is being comfortable and I used to always think you can never get to comfortable, but then I found out you can and they don’t like it. You settle into your knook and then one day you wake up and your knook is gone your comfortableness left and your left to comfort yourself. Your left to hold yourself up and not let things bother you or show that you are really hurting inside. Comfortableness is being comfortable, comfortableness gets you into trouble. Never get too comfortable, because then you get stuck in a rut always expect the unexpected always realize things can always change no matter what. As much as you don’t want to realize it, it might make that change go over a lot smoothly.


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