What is worse?

Lately I have been hearing the phrase “someone has it worse than you”, but honestly, I believe everyone’s definition of worse is different. How do you know what that person is going through isn’t the worst thing they could imagine happen to them. Just because you don’t believe that it is a bad thing doesn’t mean its not a bad thing in their life. What would your definition of something worse that’s happening to you be? Would it be a loved one dying? Your pet running away? your family splitting up? I guess it just irritates me when I hear that phrase because how do you not know what I’m dealing with is the worst possible thing. Granted there are people that are sick, that are dying, and vice versa but compared to my life and myself, it is worse. The next time someone opens up to you and tries to vent to you, let them vent, don’t tell them that someone else out there has it worse than you, because that’s not what they are looking to hear. They confided in you, so help them, embrace them, encourage them. You never know that maybe just maybe this is worse in their eyes. Because sometimes I wish someone would of done that for me.


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