Alcohol: What’s your definition?

Alcohol: what’s your definition?

I’ve never truly thought about alcohol and what it does until I encounter a drunk person. It makes me realize that alcohol is so pointless and meaningless. All it does is create vast unnecessary situations that make people mad in the end. Its a poison that’s just out of control. I don’t understand why people feel the need to drink it heavily to take it out if line and out of context. What makes us do the things we don’t normally do when we are under the influence? Why do we use being drunk as an excuse? Why do we say things that we would never say to someone we claim to care so deep about? Is it the truth coming out or is it the person you never want to meet coming out? Are they lies or are they what people actually think? Alcohol brings up many of these questions because its the many times that people mess up because they were “under the influence” as you could say. I think that with alcohol we all have a set short time goal whether its to go to sleep, to eat, or to sleep with someone its a set goal that we want to accomplish and we don’t care who we hurt, who we mess with, and who we piss off to accomplish that goal. Then the next day we wonder why we have so many people that are disgusted with us, And sometimes you have to get a friend to fill you in on what you did wrong and go and apologize. I don’t know one single person that has gotten wasted and anything good has happened to them. Do you? I know I don’t. It seems like every time someone drinks heavily it turns out with a negative affect. We don’t drink normal poison so why do we drink this? I guess its just something that I don’t get. I understand we all aren’t human but you gotta know your limits. And everyone should be able to detect a good time from a horrible time and know there limits in-between the two. To me alcohol is potion it kills relationships, friendships, careers, lifetime goals and more importantly people. So the next time you pick up a bottle or glass of alcohol ask yourself why you are drinking? If its for any other reason than to relax and unwind then you should put the bottle/glass down and really think that reason. Alcohol is for fun with friends and to enjoy not to be part of destroying a great life you have before you. It becomes a intoxicating poison that can ruin plenty of spectacular things take it from someone who has a little knowledge through this. Its all fun and games until someone drinks too much and messes everyone’s chances up.


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