Its never appropriate to be rude

I’m not sure about everyone else but I was raised to have respect for anyone and everyone. If you gave respect then you will get it in return. Ever since I was little, my parents have taught my sister and I this. As a mature young women, I believe that I have respect for myself and for others. I respect my boss, my sisters, my coworkers and most importantly I respect my customers. Working at two jobs, Kobe Express and IT on campus, I have realized lately, that people have become so rude. I run the cash register at Kobe, so I am the face that most customers see before they leave from their visit with Kobe. As a person that I am and have been raised to be, I am extremely respectful and nice to the customers that come to the cash register. I am always asking about their day and making sure their visit was a good one and hoping they will come back again. Most customers don’t even give me the time and curiosity to look up from their cell phones, or stop talking to their friends to even acknowledge the questions I ask them. When you take someone their food, they hardly ever say thank you, they are more like “can I get this or that?.” I understand it’s my job to bring you things but a thank you would be nice. I believe that this rudeness is half on the customers and half on the employees, if the employee is treating you rudely then you are automatically going to be rude right back to them.

An incident the other day occurred while I was visiting home. My mother, sister and I all went into the store Wet Seal at the mall. My mother was looking for some tank tops that she wanted to buy. Upon entering the store, my sister walked to the back of the store where the shoe section is, my mother and I went straight for the jeans section. In the jeans section was a worker folding jeans. Not once did she look up and ask if we needed anything, I mean at first, I thought maybe she is busy folding the jeans and she is kind of “zoning out” because I tend to do that at times and don’t notice people right away. As my mother and I were looking for jeans, we heard this metal bar fall it sounded like it was from the back of the store. I looked up and looked at the employer who heard it also, she rolled her eyes put the jeans down and walked to the back of the store. Not thinking much of it until later, my sister came up to me and said that she was looking at the shoes when one of the metal bars that she wasn’t touching, fell near her. My sister who is 6 months pregnant, said she picked it up to try and get it out of the way for customers when the employee came up to her and grabbed the metal object from her hand and walked away with it. Didn’t ask if she was okay or anything. I found that odd and rude, my sister is noticeably 6 months pregnant and that thing could of hit her and she was trying to do a nice thing and pick it up. Later as were were shopping my mom and sister needed help with getting a tank top down, so they asked the same worker if she could help them, the worker didn’t respond and just walked away; so my sister, being the go getter that she is, tried to get it down herself, the worker walked by and said “I said I would get that for you in a minute” walked over and snatched the metal rod out of my sisters hand got the tank top down and walked away. So my sister got angry and decided she wanted to talk to the manager when she asked who the manager was, to her surprise, it was the girl that had been rude to her the entire time she was in the store. So my sister told her she didn’t like the way she was being treated and that she wanted to talk to her boss. The manager then responded “if you don’t like the way I run this store then you can get out.” and also said “there is no one you can talk to its just me”. My sister who had about Fifty dollars worth of clothes in her hands set them down and said “Alright, I’m not buying anything from here” and walked out.

I personally don’t understand what the lady’s problem was, if she was having a bad day or what, but she was rude on several accounts and its not the fist time I have had problems with this store being rude to me. If your at a job you need to be pleasant to your customers otherwise your going to hurt your business and in the end result have a bad pay check or the store close down. Just always remember to have manners say thank you, yes mam, no sir; those kinds of things. People do notice the little stuff and the manners that go with them. So the next time you see a person with hands full of stuff, hold the door open for them, be nice, be respectful, I challenge you.


3 thoughts on “Its never appropriate to be rude

  1. I actually really like this article. Its honest and upfront, definitely something that is needed to be said. Keep up the honesty, Im looking forward to seeing what else you have to say.

  2. I agree with Will! I like how you put ‘challenge’ in red too, it really draws my eyes to it and it really emphasizes it.

    The article as a whole is a wonderful topic and article. Sometimes I wonder where people were raised or who they were raised by.

    Keep up the great work, but remember how rudely you were treated and take on your own challenge 🙂

  3. I congratulate you for writing a blog about this. I couldnt agree with you more. I hope everybody gets to read this. Unfortunately, many people in this school even in our class need to get they’re attitude adjusted.

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