Would you abandon your pet?

Looking at this photo makes most people feel sad. Makes you happy, but hurt at the same time. Happy that this man didn’t abandon his pet when he became homeless, but sad that the world has mainly come to this. Whether its more homeless people on the street, or more homeless animals because people who had pets can’t afford them any longer, whatever it is, it hits home with all of us. Most of america have some sort of pets, whether its a cat, dog, rabbit, fish, whichever animal it may be, it hits home for all. I have had a pet every since I can remember. I grew up with three loving golden retrievers my entire life, they were truly like my brothers. My family treats our pets like they are part of the family, we treat them with the same respect we would anyone else. If my family were to become homeless I don’t see us abandoning our pets that we have gave a home for so long. If a fire were to occur I am more than sure my dad would run back into the house for my dogs. When having a pet, you grow attached to it, you grow to love them and adore them. They are always there conforting you and always know when sometimes is wrong. Seeing this photo doesn’t shock me one bit, it actually makes me happy to see that this man loves his dog enough to not abandon him. So the question is would you abandon your pet if it came down to it? Or would do everything in the world to keep them with you no matter what happens?


2 thoughts on “Would you abandon your pet?

  1. I absolutely love this photo. You can see how strong of a bond the owner has with his dog which makes my heart melt! However the conditions in this photo are sad, but i love that you would do the same as the man above. I love my dogs and I wouldn’t abandon them for anything!

  2. WIth the current state of the economy and with so many going homeless and losing family this story really makes you think. The possibility of having nobody but your pet at the end of the day is a very realistic scenario. I honestly do not know if I could leave my dog behind because she is a major part of my life and the dynamic of my family. The attachment goes beyond just man and animal it truly pushes to the heart and becomes apart of who you are.

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